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We issue Scout coin!

Crypto for Sports Communities

You say

High five, but please remind me,

who are you?

Scoutim launches a new platform for athletes and their community through its Scout token to build their own independent digital economies.

Are you ready for the sports revolution? If you don't need more, sign up for our waiting list. If you still have questions, scroll down and read the next section.

+90,000 players
+500 agents
+100 partners

Ok, so tell me how works Scout?

You ask

So tell me

how does works Scout?

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Create your account with one-click

Take your brand a little further. Tokenize your influence with just one click - no technical knowledge necessary

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To the moon with your fans

Reward your fans with Scout Token and design exclusive experiences for your holders

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Coin access and benefits

Provide your community with access to private groups and to exclusive content, along with physical and digital goodies when they hold or exchange Scout Token.

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Ok, Scoutim.
Maybe you have an ace up your sleeve?

We have one, watch our hands!

All ambassadors who participate in the pilot will get an airdrop once our token is ready :)

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